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The benefits of opting for a used saddle

Buy from a wide selection of the most prestigious brands of riding to sell your mount and enjoy quality equipment at a lower price, because they are in promotion nowadays. But also, it is adaptable to the back of the horse and especially his morphology.

Choosing the used saddles

The used saddles give you the opportunity to equip your training horses or your own horse with quality, durable and affordable equipment. If you want to opt for equipment focused on comfort and longevity for your cavalry, you better to opt for the used saddles. Those used saddles offers a wide range of used saddles, all brands, revised and checked by the experts. Choosing to buy a used saddle via websites, is an effective way to find a high-quality product at a reasonable price, adapted to the budget you want to devote. You benefit from a delay less of 7 days from the reception of your order, to discover, to test, to try, and more if you like it. To be sure of finding a comfortable saddle for the rider, there are two fundamental things to consider: the shape of the end the width of the saddle that must match the size of the rider.

The warranties of the use’s saddles

To satisfy you to the maximum, all used saddles are previously revised and sometimes repaired by our craftsmen saddlers as well as by our engineers in composite materials. They are then offered to you with a guarantee for all the parts of the saddle and excluding normal wear and tear. This warranty does not take into account damage resulting from an accident, nor those due to abnormal use of the equipment. If the saddle for which you have chosen suits you, it must be the same for your horse, must harmoniously the body, and accompany her movement, do not hurt the users. Ask to try the product before buying it whether for sport or a simple entertainment.

The first business card of the best saddle is its mark, so it is primordial to load the one that suits you.

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